Best for SILVER and GOLD. You can clean your JEWELRY, WATCHES, UTENSILS.


Every household has a problem of jewelry losing its polish, tarnishing and usual wear and tear.


We present you a very affordable and accessible solution to all your above problems, we recommend each household to have one set at home.


How to use: There are two types of cloth in each box, both have to be used dry without any spray, solution or detergent. Lighter Cloth is used to clean your jewelry from dirt, oil and other greasy substance, Darker Cloth is used to buffing, polishing and giving a fabulous shine to your jewelry.


  1. Lighter Cloth: Pick your favourite jewelry which you want to clean and polish, clean it thoroughly all around for 3-4 for minutes till you feel all oil, fingerprints and dullness is gone. The cloth might get little dark spots on it, which is your dirt and tarnishing substance. Dont worry you can use it again next time. After cleaning your jewelry with lighter cloth keep it aside untouched.
  2. Darker Cloth: Take the jewelry you cleaned above in first step and start the same process of rubbing it thoroughly from all the sides for 4-5 minutes. This time you are polishing your jewelry, which will give a beautiful shine, polish and newness to the piece. After 4-5 minutes you will notice all oil and sweat marks are gone, your jewelry is shining like new.


After Cleaning your jewelry you can keep it back in the plastic bag and use it again next time when you need. Usually for one household a cloth set is good for 1 year. You dont have to wash it.


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Gold and Silver Polishing Cloth ( Please Read Description)

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